LPO Services

Legal Outsourcing

Services Offered:

  1. Due-Diligence Contract Summarisation
    • We provide summaries of key provisions of complex or simple agreements by trained and qualified attorneys.
    • We also assist in conversion of scanned contract images into text editable format.
    • Teams work in dedicated areas of Juris Legal’s offices and maintain strict confidentiality of clients’ confidential data.
  2. Contract Review
    • We undertake comprehensive review and abstraction of certain contracts for particular terms.
  3. Legal Research and Legislative Tracking
    • We provide reliable updates on laws and cases concerning clients’ business. Additionally, we can monitor legal updates and write summaries of changes affecting the client.
    • We provide pro-active monitoring and report news media and legal developments on issues relevant to a particular industry.
    • We monitor cases and news reports on a specific matter (say ill-effects of smoking); collate the data and writing regular updates.
    • We can quickly respond to requests for cases and legislations.
  4. Document Review in the Context of Litigations.
  5. Trademark Enforcement Support
    • Our support includes trademark searches and drafting cease and desist letters, etc.